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BRCGS Accredited Chilled Packaging: Why It’s Important

The BRCGS certification is a globally recognised symbol of quality assurance, legal compliance and high standards in packaging manufacture.

Founded in 1996, the BRCGS Board and Management team was established to harmonise food safety standards across the supply chain. Devised by industry experts, the BRCGS standard is now recognised as the leading accreditation in food safety across the world.

We know that quality food producers care deeply about this globally recognised symbol of quality assurance, legal compliance and high standards in packaging manufacture.

Sorbafreeze have had BRCGS accreditation for many years now and we are extremely proud of the quality and food safety standards across our business. All of our products, from our ice packs to our insulated boxes and bags, are manufactured with strict adherence to BRCGS policies.

So What Does This Mean For You as a Sorbafreeze Customer?

 Sorbafreeze are the only BRCGS accredited chilled packaging manufacturer in the UK. This means that Sorbafreeze customers can say, without doubt, that they buy the highest quality chilled packaging on the market.

When shipping your chilled foods, you can be sure that the packaging you use has been deemed safe for use with food products; negating any risk of contamination, poor hygiene or low-grade manufacture.

The top 3 benefits of choosing a BRCGS accredited chilled packaging supplier include:

  • Rigorous standards throughout our manufacturing process.
  • Complete traceability of our source materials.
  • Strict quality checks at every stage of production.

Now you can expect the same level of quality assurance from us, that your customers expect from you.

If you are interested in trialling Sorbafreeze BRCGS accredited chilled packaging, you can request your free sample by visiting: or shop the range at

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