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Sorbafreeze Helps Bark n’ Render Diversify

Bark n’ Render are a catering company specialising in central Texas style barbecue meats providing a professional service for weddings, parties and various events including festivals and corporate.

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the UK’s food industry upside down with restaurants, bars and caterers across the country are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. When lockdown was announced, Bark n ‘Render knew they had to diversify their business and decided to turn their attention towards creating a door to door delivery service.

The business started supplying a range of luxury restaurant-quality meals, including smoked barbecue meats – brisket, pork and beef ribs and sausages requiring just a little bit of preparation by the customer.

Quality is clearly important to Bark n ‘Render Managing Director, Miles Pemberton and when he approached Sorbafreeze, Pitreavie Group’s chilled packaging division, the team had an initial consultation with him enabling them to fully understand what he wanted to achieve.

Bark n’ Render required a robust solution that would take their product in perfect condition to their retail customers up and down the country. This solution had to ensure the goods would travel temperature safe for up to 48 hours and be rigorous enough to withstand parcel courier handling.

Sorbafreeze advised from their range of BRCGS accredited chilled packaging the perfect solution to ensure that Bark n’ Renders products would arrive at a food safe temperature in pristine condition. With volumes of orders increasing and time of the essence for Miles and his team, Sorbafreeze recommended their Chilltek temperature controlled foil insulated boxes, which offer a clean, professional image as well as time saving pop up solution. The team also recommended the ratio of pre-hydrated gel ice packs from the popular Hydratek range to use in conjunction with the insulated boxes. All manufactured in-house and delivered to Bark n ‘Render within 24 hours.

Michelle Ottolini, General Manager of Sorbafreeze said “We were delighted to help Miles and the team at Bark n ‘Render diversify their business with a door to door delivery service. Each chilled packaging product was manufactured in-house to meet Bark n ‘Renders exact requirements, utilising the best materials and highest standards. The team at Sorbafreeze look forward to helping Miles continue to diversify and grow his business”

Miles Pemberton, Managing Director of Bark n ‘Render, said: “What an incredible company! During a difficult time (Covid-19), Sorbafreeze have gone above and beyond to provide the best service I have ever received. Amanda and Jennifer have been key in providing this service and have also been a joy to chat to! Further to this, the products that they are providing are definitely industry leading. I have used a number of other products on the market and these surpass them. A number of my clients have mentioned how cold the product is even after 48 hours. Thank you very much, I look forward to working with you more in the future.”

All staff are working safely and responsibly and within the current social distancing guidelines.

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