Sorbafreeze | International Distribution Opportunity

Become a chilled packaging distributor

We’re looking for stand-out, proactive international distribution partners who will be as passionate about our products are we are. We have specifically selected our Sorbatek range of non-hydrated ice packs for international distribution, along with Chilltek essentials. The Sorbatek opportunity stands out because:

  • The range is designed around the principle of space saving, for our distributors and their customers.
  • Of the range of possible applications, and therefore market opportunity.

Whether you are an established chilled packaging or a food distributor looking to get ahead of the competition with an innovative addition to your range, or are looking to establish your packaging distribution business with a flagship product, Sorbafreeze is the perfect fit.

Unlimited applications

Any industry – B2B or B2C – that needs goods to arrive not only safely but temperature safe, represents an exciting Sorbafreeze market opportunity, including: Food & Drink; Events & Catering; Pet Food; Florists; Ready Meals & Meal Boxes; Laboratories; Gifts; and Agriculture.

What makes an ideal Sorbafreeze distributor?

Our distributors achieve the most success and momentum when they an hit the ground running with:

  • Industry / Market Relevance: Connections and customer base in the industry or a related industry, or already distributing chilled packaging but looking for your next product.
  • Internal Resources and Values: A proactive and enthusiastic sales and marketing team, an excellent reputation and a forward-thinking management team with a business plan.
  • Facilities: A suitable distribution network, central location and storage facilities for pallet quantities.

If this sounds like you, please fill out the form below or call us on +44(0)1592 623523 to receive further information and our detailed Distributor Brochure.


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